Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dossier Sent to America World

Wednesday August 27, 2008

We just went to the UPS store and made all our copies and sent out our Dossier (and misc stuff) to America World. Now we wait. I believe the process is now our representative will review the Dossier and give it a number on the referral waiting list, then she will take it to the Ethiopian Embassy and the Department of State to get it authenticated. The last step is it will get mailed out to Ethiopia! We are on our way. The packet should be in the agency's hands by tomorrow morning.

Now is the fun part, the waiting. Mark started working on the babies room so that will hopefully make the time go by fast. Once it is finished we will put pictures up.

One step closer to bringing our baby home! Keep us in your prayers, it could be a long 5-7 months waiting for that referral!

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Renee' said...

Hello from a fellow AW Ethiopia program family! We are DTE 7/25. You should come to our Yahoo Group and get to know some of the other families. W

We are a very tight knit group and GREAT support for each other through the process.