Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Embassy Appointment - Done!

Well our first night was a success.  Matthew slept all night and woke up happy.  Yes we have another child who is a morning person (for those of you that know me know how funny this is as I am definitely not a morning person).  He is such a happy little boy, really only fussy anad cranky when it is time to eat, and I am pretty sure he would eat anything you give him!  He does not like to go to sleep either, when he is tired he will fight it to the end.  He is so nosy he doesn't want to miss anything.  

This morning we had our Embassy appointment. This was pretty simple and straightforward.  There was a lot of waiting, which all the kids in our group did great while we waited.  Matthew seems to only want to be held, and mostly by me.  I joked about having to hit the gym before we brought him home, I should have taken that joke seriously!  I may lose 10 pounds this trip just holding him.

After the Embassy appointment we went back to the Transition home for a farewell coffee ceremony. This is so fun to experience and I am glad we got to this time.  Here are some pictures of what the coffee ceremony looks like.

The coffee beans are roasted right in front of you and the coffee is made over a small fire.  It tastes so good.  Along with the coffee they serve popcorn.  While we were there we got to say goodbye to the nannies that have taken such great care of Matthew.  These women are truly amazing.  They truly love and care for these kids, which is evident in the way the children light up when they talk with them.  This is one of the hardest parts of this process, leaving the Transition home the final day.  You know that you will most likely not see these nannies again but know they hold a very special part of my heart.  They will always remember each of these children, which was proven when we brought Daniel back last trip.  You can see the love in some of these pictures:

After the party we went to Amsterdam for lunch.  This was a favorite last time, great food in a open out door restaurant.  Next up was shopping.  We went to a new place this time to shop, it was nice that there wasn't a ton of people and no street kids surrounding you as you tried to look.  The strangest thing was there were 3 men in 3 different parts of the store laying on mats sleeping.  We didn't see them until we almost stepped on them.  We were told they were in a season of fasting so they were sleeping.  It was interesting to say the least!

When we came back we were all beat and decided it best to take naps.  We almost slept through dinner.  With all the running around we did today Matthew did great.  We found out that he is extremely ticklish on his hip bones and has a great belly laugh.  He loves music and loves to dance, does well in car rides and can sleep just about anywhere (but not without a fight). He also loves bread and pasta just like Daniel.  

Tomorrow we have a free day and we are going to go to Kaldi's (Starbucks of Ethiopia).  Since I am a complete Starbucks addict I can't wait!  

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