Thursday, January 29, 2015

Increased wait times

So I just got off a conference call. Wait times have again increased to 36-48 months.  We are at 39 months waiting.  Just when we get close they increase again and it looks like possibly another year.
Another long year of waiting.  My heart is heavy and hurts with an ache to see that brown face with those big eyes, to hold him in my arms and to see Daniel love on his baby brother.  Just when we think we are almost there.

To top off the wonderful conference call news, I had to give 7 vials of blood to update our medical paperwork again.  Oh and the Austintown Police department is being difficult to get our local background clearance checks done.

It is just not a good day and my heart can't take much more today.  Praying God will answer our prayers soon.  We have waited patiently so far.  When will it be our turn, when will we get our baby boy?

I am done with my pity party now, tomorrow is a new day.  As I am reminded "joy comes in the morning".  May tomorrow be filled with joy (and sunshine).

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