Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The moment you realize the world is broken

So Mark came home today to a surprise, someone had broken into our house.  It is one of those days that you will never ever forget!  Luckily Daniel had a dentist appointment so we were not the first ones home.

I was at my brothers when Mark called.  Of course the first time, I hit ignore because I was talking and I will just call him in a few minutes when I leave.  Then he calls again, by the third time I figured I should probably answer.  As soon as he said "We have been robbed" I thought he was joking.  Haha. Joke is on me!  He was not.

We went through all the steps with the officer to file the report and interview the neighbors.  We know we won't get our stuff back.  They didn't take much, just our TV, Playstation, laptop and hard drive.  That is the most devasting part, the hard drive.  Our whole life was on there.  All our pictures from 2007 and up.  Memories that we won't get back.  I am praising God that I saved every email I ever received from Daniels adoption and am able to pull some of those pictures, etc. back off the computer again (when we get one).

Now what do we tell Daniel, will he be afraid?  I had left him at my brothers to go and see the damage.  So when I brought him home, of course he is going to notice the huge empty space where he used to watch Chuck My Truck. So Mark sat him down and talked to him, told him someone took our stuff.  Daniels very first question "Why would someone take our stuff, God says not to steal".  This is the best part of the story, my wonderful husband Mark looked him in the eye and said "Well buddy they probably don't know God"  He then proceeded to pray for the people that broke into our house.   Wow what a teachable moment.  I can honestly say with all my heart that all I was thinking was "Don't freak out in front of Daniel, don't show that you are now terrified to be in your own home" and Mark was praying.  Just one of the many reasons I love this man.

So today we were broken into, our lives invaded and temporarily turned upside down, but my son learned from his dad about grace.  How many people can honestly say 2 hours after finding your home broken into that you would stop and pray for those very people.  In my opinion this day and age, not enough!  I thank God every day that he chose that man to be my Husband!

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