Thursday, February 27, 2014

Moving along, slowly

Good news from Ethiopia - they are not shutting down!  There will eventually be process and procedure reform.  At this time things are progressing as normal.  Slowly.  I just got off a conference call with our agency and there were 5 referrals last month and 2 so far this month.  Praise God!  More children are receiving clearances and some more have moved into the transition home.

On the unofficial list we are about number 32.  This means there could be mystery families that are ahead of us that have not logged into the chat group or facebook group but this gives a general idea as to where we stand.  With the timeframes we are seeing right now, we are praying for a referral by the end of the year.
Will you join us in prayer.

God has done some great things through our adoption community lately.  Mountains are moving and children are one step closer to their forever families.

Meanwhile, we are preparing for Daniels 5th birthday.  Yep I said it he will be 5!  Not really sure where the time has gone.  In a few weeks we will also celebrate the 4 year anniversary of passing court for Daniels adoption.  Time really does fly.  Daniel is so excited to be 5 that he is already planning on what he will do when he is 6.  The latest venture he will take is reading books he put aside for his baby brother, when he is 6.

Keep praying - we are praying our baby boy home one day at a time!

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