Sunday, December 29, 2013

Urgent Ethiopia News - Please Pray

As you all know we are in the process of adopting another little boy from Ethiopia and have been waiting for a referral for 25 months.  As of now we are only 5-7 months away from a referral for 0-2 year old brother for Daniel.   There are many families waiting to bring children home and even more children needing homes and forever families.  At this time Ethiopia is still OPEN for international adoptions, but over the weekend there were talks about shutting down international adoptions in Ethiopia over the last few days.   

Below is a post from EthioStork that expains a little bit of what is going on:

There is nothing done yet in any certainity or conclusion but.."the meeting of the adoption network with parliament didn't go well. The minister of federal MOWCYA, Minister Zenebu had declared she wants to shut down adoption in the coming weeks. It was very political, "we have controlled the spread of AIDS, we have dared to build a dam at the Nile, surly we can put a stop to adoption as well". The speaker of Parliament agreed with her. The meeting was adjourned with the plan to create a committee that will present a "plan of action to end adoption" not poverty or orphaning, mind you, within 10 days. If this gets accepted by parliament then next will be getting the prime minister to sign it. Let's hope that doesn't happen." ~EthioStork Ethiopian Adoption Resources

Here is a link to the full article:

How can you help:

1.  Pray that this does not happen. Ask God to step in and move these mountains and soften the hearts of those involved and open them up to adoption.  Ask God to protect all the children that this will affect in Ethiopia.  If this happens these children in the orphanages will have no Hope.

2. Contact your US Senator and US House Rep.  You can do that by contacting them on their website contact page.

3. If you have adopted or know someone who has adopted from Ethiopia and would like to share your positive stores please email

4. Share this information on facebook, twitter, etc.

We feel there are a few reasons this is happening but one of the main reasons is there have been a number of negative articles in the media lately.  This along with the new PAIR process that has put a huge slow down in the adoption process.

Please pray with us.  We know we have a son out there somewhere.  IF this happens we are not sure where that will leave our process as it currently stands.  Most of all though pray for all those children that will virtually be STUCK if this measure goes through.

God we know you are in control. Please be with the parliament and prime minister this week as all of the talks are taking place.  Please be with the children and the families that are waiting.  We need you to help intervene as we know only you can.

"Wait with hope, hope now, hope always" Psalm 131:3 MSG

"For nothing will be impossible with God" Luke 1:37 ESV

For now we will be praying our son home.

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