Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving (1 week late)

Happy Thanksgiving! Just one week late. I don't know how we got so busy. Thanksgiving was fun. The only problem was we ate dinner at 1:30 right around nap time. We all sat down to eat, filled our plates and then the fun started. Daniel started screaming and pushing his food away. Definite sign that he needs a nap. But since we weren't home he wanted to hear nothing of it. So for Thanksgiving dinner Daniel ate pumpkin pie and chocolate cake. Such great parents we are right! He was so tired he took a 4 hour nap on Friday. So here are a couple of the things I am truly grateful for:

*Our baby boy Daniel, the blessings God has given to us in this little package. Every day I thank God for Daniel and the joy he brings
*My family and friends, the are the best family and friends anyone can ask for. The most loving and supportive.
*I am thankful for the nannies in Ethiopia and the way they love on the babies until they are united with their forever families
*I am thankful for the people at AWAA and the support and hard work they put into every adoption case.
*I am thankful most of all that I have a God that loves me unconditionally and is always there when I need carried through life.

There are many more reasons I am thankful this year but these are just the top few. One thing I read this year is why do we set aside one year to gives thanks to God. This is something that we should do every day. We should be thankful and grateful everyday and praising God for our blessings. This is something that I know I do not do every single day. I am going to really make an effort this coming year to do this. Everything I am thankful for came from God and was a gift to me. I will praise him and thank him for these gifts.

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