Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January Update

We received our January Update today. Our little man is getting so big! He is standing and pulling himself up on stuff. He looks so big and I just want to hold him and squeeze him. Here is what we know:

* 21 pounds (up 2 pounds from last month)
* He eats pasta, fruits and vegetables
* He is crawling and pulling himself up on things
* He likes rattles, is active and playful
* He is starting to hold his bottle by himself

All these updates are so exciting that he is doing well and doing these things but breaks my heart that we are missing them. God will move these mountains, please God move the mountains soon! So ready for our baby to get home!

More care packages are being sent and more pictures being taken by great families who are willing to take a little time to love on our boy while they are there uniting with their own children. Thanks friends!

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