Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

Friday December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!! We had a wonderful holiday of eating and spending time with family and more eating. There always seems to be an overabundance of food at the holdiay season. Mark and my dad got Ethiopian coffee as a christmas present that I ordered off We made it at 6 in the morning as we were opening presents. It smelled really good, it was a little strong for me but everyone else really like it. For those of you who don't know coffee originated in Ethiopia. You can actually buy the coffee beans from this website and when you get them you have to roast them and grind them before you can make coffee. I can't wait to try some while we are actually in the country.

Today we are officially 3 months waiting to receive a referral for our baby boy. As the holidays came and passed (well almost, one more party tomorrow), the presents are unwrapped and put away and the food is almost all gone we realize how blessed we are to have such wonderful family and friends to support us through this adoption process. The holidays were harder this year as we don't have a referral or a timeframe has to when we will but we know that it will happen in God's time. There is a beautiful baby boy he has picked out to join our Forever Family and we can't wait to bring him home. We don't even know who this child is but we already love him so much!

As we start this new year please pray with us that things will start to move a little quicker for the process. There are many changes being made within America World and the program to make it more efficient and better. A new transition home has been purchased in Ethiopia that is bigger and will hold more kids, a physician and a nurse has also been hired to work at this new home. Please pray for the paperwork mountains to move through the proper channels and for families to pass court and also for the babies and kids themselves as a lot of them come into the transition home malnurished and extremely underweight. We look forward to an exciting new year on this journey to bring our baby home.

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