Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Wednesday November 12, 2008

I just read an interesting article on the internet on the statistics of orphans in Ethiopia. Currently in Ethiopia alone there are 4 million orphans, that is approximately 12% of the children are orphans, most due to HIV/AIDS. It is predicted that by 2014 the number of children orphaned due to HIV/AIDS will be approximately 2.1 million compared to 568,000 in 2004.

When I read these statistics it saddened my heart. So many kids need loving and caring homes. I wish I could bring them all home. Since I can't I will just continue to pray for their safety, health and that they will be placed in a family that will love and care for them. Until that happens I know that God has his arms wrapped around them keeping them safe. Currently things are taking longer to process referrals and court dates for adoptions, there are so many kids that need loving and caring homes. We need to pray for God to keep them safe and to continue to move the mountains in the Ethiopia program through AWAA to bring these children home to their families. Most likely right now we if unless the changes that are being made within the program help to make the process quicker we won't be travelling until summer maybe even fall depending on when our referral comes in. Pray with us that we will be able to bring our baby home before then. It is all in God's plan and only he can move the mountains.

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